Advance Praise for ‘Do Less, Lead More’

“A coach who starts his own book by sharing his failures before he sets up clear steps to success?  How refreshing! Thank you Andy Robbins for your forthrightness.  The insights you share here about how it’s actually HARDER to DO LESS ring so true to me. Readers will really learn what it means to LEAD MORE.”

Liz Dolan, Former Nike Chief Marketing Officer, host of award-winning podcasts Satellite Sisters and Safe For Work.

“This is a candid and impactful leadership story every leader should read.”

Neil Tunmore, Former Intel Corporate Vice President

“Andy shows the transition from a management style that isn’t working to one that does – big time. And how this new perspective has been refined with years of working with executives and managers to elevate their leadership impact. A great guide for your leadership reflection.”

Bob DunhamFounder Institute for Generative Leadership

“Simply put, my nonprofit Miracle Messages would not be in existence today if it weren’t for Andy Robbins and his philosophy of ‘Do Less, Lead More.'”

Kevin F. Adler, Founder and CEO Miracle Messages and Presidential Leadership Scholar

Working harder isn’t the answer, in fact it is the worst thing you can do.

For 18 years, Andy Robbins worked six, often seven days a week at Intel, the company he loved, and after a string of promotions was enjoying all the trappings of success: an important-sounding job title, big house, fancy car and what seemed like a clear path to the top. But all that changed when a global software roll-out he was in charge of went wrong, leading to a spectacular fall from grace.

Banished to an out of the way and demoralized corner of the company, Andy began learning about true leadership and, piece by piece, he rebuilt his reputation using a fundamentally new leadership style. Within a year, he had transformed the neglected business unit, and would go on to ever bigger achievements until he was Intel’s head of IT strategy.

Do Less, Lead More is the story of his rise and dramatic fall, and of his journey to a new, sustainable and scalable style of leadership. In the book, he shares the eight essential steps you can take to avoid his mistakes and lead through others, guiding you to deliver consistently greater leadership impact.

Meet the Author

Andy Robbins is an accomplished executive and team coach, and operational leader with an extensive and successful track record in the high-tech industry. Building on 25 years of operational and coaching experience at Intel Corporation, he founded Oyster, the coaching and consulting company.