The accelerating pace of change is disrupting business models and traditional leadership practices requiring companies everywhere to adapt. If leaders act with intention and urgency, they have the opportunity to take advantage of these trends to achieve increased performance and stronger business results. Doing nothing increases the risk of losing top talent, market share and ultimately becoming irrelevant.
Our clients tell us competition is increasing and they are working harder than ever without generating the expected results. Meanwhile, employee engagement and morale are suffering.
They know they need to change but don’t know how.

That’s why they come to us.

And here’s what we offer

Executive Coaching

I was surprised how quickly I saw results. The questions stopped me in my tracks and really challenged my thinking or assumptions on a topic.

The very best athletes work with a coach. The very best leaders are no different. Every leader has their own unique strengths and weaknesses, and generic leadership development programs can only get you so far. Our executive coaching helps you take your game to the next level because, better has no finish line.

This is why we partner with our clients to:

  • Identify what is working for them and what is holding them back.
  • Help them develop strategies to enhance their leadership behaviors and take their game to the next level.
  • Adopt these behaviors to establish powerful leadership habits.

Let’s be clear, the best leaders are committed to their personal development. Coaching is not a quick fix. Entering into a coaching arrangement requires a high of level of commitment. We will build on what is already working well and what you’ve learned to date.

At the completion of the coaching engagement, you will be better able to engage and inspire your organization as well as deliver improved performance and stronger results. And, importantly, you will accelerate your career growth.

Foundations for Leadership

I have gained valuable perspectives that have changed the way I lead.

We educate and train leaders to develop the skills they need to navigate emerging business challenges and achieve stronger performance and results.

Each program includes an assessment of each client’s challenges and we tailor our leadership program accordingly. Six custom scheduled group sessions focus on the foundational behaviors of adaptive leadership including:

  • What is leadership and leading through others to generate highly engaged teams.
  • Leadership vision and strategy including what makes up a compelling vision, how to create one and a strategic plan to achieve it.
  • Leadership communication including influencing, negotiation, generating positive engagement and enrolling the organization.
  • Managing action across the organization to achieve the desired results.

We augment group sessions with 1:1 leadership coaching, helping participants put into practice what they are learning.

Six months after the program, we check in with each participant to assess progress made against their leadership development plan.

Advanced Leadership for Challenging Times

As an experienced leader, you’ve been highly successful, and you also know what got you here isn’t going to get you to where you need to go. The things that worked in the past aren’t delivering the results you need to advance your career to the next level.

The Adaptive Leadership program builds on what you’ve learned to date and equips you to navigate the challenges of the new business environment. We bring together a group of leaders who face similar challenges into a cohort to learn together. Over the course of six 2-hour sessions we explore adaptive leadership topics including:

  • Traditional vs Adaptive Leadership, recognizing the need for change
  • Expanding influence and impact
  • Making it safe to fail by encouraging a culture of risk taking and developing a learning mindset
  • Getting things done by generating commitment and positive accountability
  • Dealing with setbacks by developing organizational resilience

We help each participant put their learning into practice by including six one-hour executive coaching sessions with their program coach.

The program cohort provides a collaborative experiential environment where you learn how to make these skills work for you. Participants also tell us they develop relationships that support their learning far beyond the end of the program.

Transforming Leadership Culture

We are making great progress. This type of collaborative environment has been lacking for a long time.

The most successful leaders in today’s fluid, fast paced
environment recognize the importance of an adaptive leadership
culture. They embrace uncertainty, focus on learning, and engage
everyone around them. After all, an adaptive leadership culture is
the oil that helps modern organizations run effectively.

This is why we partner with our clients to:

  • Understand the complex forces affecting their business.
  • Learn, embrace and apply leadership behaviors and practices that allow them to inspire their organization to achieve better performance and stronger results.
  • Create and sustain a leadership culture that allows them to thrive and grow as business dynamics continue to evolve and change.

We don’t offer cookie cutter standard solutions. We design a program with
you that specifically addresses your unique challenges and opportunities.

When we are successful implementing these changes, you will:

  • Nimbly adapt to rapidly changing business conditions.
  • Create an environment that fosters transparent communications, increased collaboration and rapid learning.
  • Engage, energize and retain your talented workforce.
  • Achieve stronger performance and better results across your organization.