Episode #2: Kate Delhagen, Founder of Oregon Sports Angels

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Kate Delhagen, the founder of the Oregon Sports Angels was recently named one of the most influential women in Oregon. Kate talks about how the world of sports has shaped her leadership perspectives and she shares advice for anyone looking to follow in her leadership footsteps.

1:45 Kate humbly talks about being named as one of the most influential women in Oregon

2:45 Kate’s perspective on how she approaches life and how she channels her energy to help others

3:45 What changes are the Oregon Sports Angels leading and what motivated Kate to found it.

8:00 What helped Kate overcome many of the challenges female leaders face including the role of her parents and mentors.

11:30 Some mistakes Kate made along the way providing some key learning.

18:00 The importance of listening.

19:00 How Kate’s individual and team sports experience helped shape her leadership philosophy. The role of specialists and generalists.

26:45 Advice for people graduating and starting their working career in the midst of a pandemic.

31:30 Leaders will benefit from learning to master the pivot and the transition game. As this crisis ends we will transition from playing defense into playing offense.

34:30 What is Kate most proud of?


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Music by Isaac Chambers – Change