Episode #1: Jeremy Pelley, Co-Founder OMFGCO


Jeremy Pelley is the Creative Director and Co-Founder of OMFGCO, the renowned Portland based creative agency. He talks about their secret sauce – the values on which the company is built, how they became the ‘Official Manufacturing Company’ and a whole lot more.

Episode Notes

1:30 Jeremy describes OMGFCO’s reason to exist, telling stories and how they drive positive change in the world

4:00 Their secret sauce and the importance of being responsible for how we feel to avoid being a victim to the world around us. We can choose how we respond instead of reacting.

8:00 The motivation behind starting OMFGCO in 2009 during a recession. It began with a random freelance job.

13:00 What surprised Jeremy most about their journey? In the early days it was meeting household celebrities and these days it is leading a talented diverse team of twenty people.

15:30. What were some of the hardest things they had to overcome? Jeremy talks about ‘The Gunk’, the inter-personal issues that fester unless addressed at the root.

18:00 What they are doing to successfully navigate the current challenges created by the COVID-19 crisis.

20:30 Jeremy talks about the importance of being a leader, acting as your own boss and how they’ve shifted to working remotely without missing a beat. It is a partnership.

23:30 What advice does Jeremy have for somebody starting out today? It involves leading with generosity.

25:15 OMFGCO’s secret sauce, otherwise known as their four core values. These are the principles that guide how they work together.

28:30 Why the ‘Official Manufacturing Company’?


OMFG Co omfgco.com

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Music by Isaac Chambers – Change

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Thanks for having me, Andy! It was a great dialog.

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