Does It Matter?

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I read a thought provoking article this week titled ‘Maybe it doesn’t matter’. The article by Oliver Burkeman (you can subscribe here) describes how the author stresses over many things that seem important but really aren’t. Burkeman wrote an excellent book ‘Four Thousand Weeks‘ which reminds us our time is limited and there is only so much we can do. Sage advice for someone who is always trying to get more done.

Doing things right

So why did his article speak to me? I find myself focusing on many things I believe need to be done right. When I started noticing this, my list got quite long. Adding to that, I realized I imposed consequences if they weren’t done right. For example beating myself up or feeling down. Burkeman asks a simple and powerful question. Do I mind what happens?

Do I mind?

For some things, that are in line with my core values, they really do matter because I do mind what happens. Forgetting a family or friend’s birthday would be an example. Other things not so much. I wrote about this recently in my post ‘Celebrating my mistakes‘. Adding the question ‘Do I mind what happens’ is what was missing in that post.

Now we have moved in to our new house, I’ve started to share some of my imperfections as I show guests around. Their reaction has been interesting and maybe not surprising. They don’t seem to care. Imagine that, my mistakes just aren’t that important. In fact, they tend to outline the mistakes they’ve made that are similar. Wow, perhaps we are all imperfect. Who would have known?

What are you stressing about and does it really matter? Is it time to share it with a friend and find out?

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