Episode #10: Bobby Evans – Former GM, San Francisco Giants

Bobby Evans

The phrase “Leadership is no accident” is especially true when it comes to leading one of the most successful MLB teams in recent memory. Former San Francisco Giants GM Bobby Evans has transitioned from playing on college teams to managing some of the greatest rosters in the history of the sport. In this episode, Evans discusses a baseball team’s player-manager dynamic and what makes sports leadership distinct from other professions.

Episode Notes

2:30 “A Team reflects characteristics of its leader”

4:00 Maintaining the motivation to improve

6:00 Corporate management vs. Sports Management

8:00 Evans’ first experiences working for the Giants

13:00 Giving performance feedback to players

17:00 Evans’ love for the game of Baseball

23:00 “If you’re doing a good job, your career will take care of itself”

24:00 Evans’ career aspirations after the Giants

26:30 Advice for athletes looking for their next career

30:30 “Don’t be too quick to take ‘no’ for an answer”


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Produced by Kai Hellberg

Music by Isaac Chambers – ‘Change’