Episode #5: Franz Maruna, Founder and CEO of Portland Labs


Franz Maruna is the founder of PortlandLabs and the founder of concrete5, one of the internet’s pioneering Content Management System (CMS) websites. In this episode, Maruna reflects on his time in the tech industry, his entrepreneurial spirit and gives advice for those looking to jumpstart their own tech careers.

Episode Notes

1:30 – About PortlandLabs

3:30 – How Maruna entered the tech industry

5:30 – “Necessity is the mother of invention”

8:00 – How contrete5 became a leading CMS

11:00 – Using concrete5 to help other organizations

18:00 – How Maruna’s position has changed

20:00 – Transitioning from an “all hands on deck” startup to a well-oiled machine

21:00 – Being comfortable with failure before success

25:30 – Advice to budding tech industry entrepreneurs

26:30- Maruna’s “must-reads”


Portland Labs and concrete5 on the web

Learn more about Franz via LinkedIn


Music by Isaac Chambers – ‘Change’