Episode #8: Daniel Puder – Founder and CEO of My Life My Power Academy


Ex-MMA Fighter Daniel Puder takes the term “all hands on deck” to a whole new level. Using his My Life My Power academy to help underserved youth become the best version of themselves, Puder is relentless in his efforts to create positive changes in his community. In this episode, he talks transitioning from professional sports to nonprofit leadership and how significance breeds success.

Episode Notes

1:30 A Man on a Mission

4:15 “Success is what happens TO you. Significance is what happens THROUGH you”

9:00 Our purpose evolves

12:30 Focusing on only one or two things at once

16:00 “Our communities know we’re there to stay”

20:00 Working with investors

22:30 Puder’s takeaways from his sports career

26:00 Advice for retiring athletes

31:00 What Daniel is most proud of


Daniel Puder’s My Life My Power Academy

Puder’s podcast “Significance Breeds Success” 

Puder’s Personal Website


Produced by Kai Hellberg

Music by Isaac Chambers – ‘Change’