Introducing Oyster!

Puffin Oyster logo

I am very excited to introduce my new brand Oyster!

Why Oyster?  I’ll leave you to figure that out.  I’ve heard some great explanations so far!

After two years, it was time to step back to clarify and refresh my brand.  I’ve learned a lot over this time, and I could never have predicted where I would be today.  When I started out in June 2016, I needed a name and West Haven Coaching was the best one I could come up with.  It is a good job Kate and Melissa at Rosy, my branding agency, are much better at naming than me!  More importantly, they helped me clarify and articulate my brand story:


Oyster is built on a radically simple idea: that leadership is no accident. Leaders—true, proven, authentic leaders— are rarely the result of lucky genes or fleeting inspiration. Leaders aren’t born. They’re made. And better still, they can be taught.

Strong leadership requires empathy. Which in turn demands understanding. And at Oyster, we believe that empathy and understanding begin with a conversation.

Because we are in conversation. Always. All of us.  With others. With ourselves. Up, down, and across an organization. Teams are networks of conversations with unlimited potential.

So smart leaders look to harness the generative power of language and conversation to drive action. To spur change. Envision a common future. And ultimately, to improve lives.

Great leaders do not seek to merely manage. They reach for more than better time management, greater efficiency, or higher productivity from their teams. Instead, truly great leaders connect to the cares of those around them. Then create a shared vision of a future that addresses those cares. And they inspire others to commit to that future.

Which means a better life. For all.

Now isn’t that a conversation worth having?


Oyster has come to life in a new website developed by my very talented wife Sue.  Please take a look. We hope you find it more fun, interesting and much faster than West Haven’s.  Sue has also worked her magic so you don’t have to update any of your links, they will all point to Oyster going forward.  West Haven Coaching hasn’t completely disappeared.  It remains the name of my legal entity (the boring stuff) and it will become less visible over time.

Lastly and most definitely not least, I want to thank you for your support over the past two years!  Without you there would be no West Haven Coaching, and absolutely no Oyster.  I am excited about continuing to serve you and see what we can create together.

Now that is a conversation worth having!