Is Your Purpose Big Enough?

Is Your Purpose Big Enough - Photo by Anika Huizinga on Unsplash

I’ve written a lot about purpose recently and that’s probably because mine feels very clear right now. As I’ve discussed, this isn’t always the case and purpose is often fleeting, leaving us with a sense of uncertainty about what lies ahead. But when it is clear, everything seems to fall into place. In fact, when you purpose is big enough the challenges seem to diminish in significance.

Daunting challenges

My wife and I are designing and building a house together. It is a daunting challenge. Navigating all the rules and regulations, engaging contractors and keeping everything moving along. On top of that there is the design, both the architecture and the interior design. It is easy to get lost in all of this, and yet that hasn’t been the case. We aren’t building a house per se, we are creating something that will out live us. It has a presence and personality that reflects our own, what we care about. IT has given us a powerful sense of shared purpose.

The power to overcome challenges

What is interesting about all this is the challenges seem insignificant compared to what we are creating. There is no doubt in our minds that we will achieve our goal and build the house of our dreams. It seems that when our purpose is big enough, it provides the strength and confidence to overcome anything that falls in the way. As challenges come up, I face them with the attitude of how they will be addressed, instead of will they be? I have a sense of certainty about the path ahead. It is not say unexpected things won’t come up, they will. We will embrace and not fear them, because we know we will prevail.

Looking back, I have felt like this from time to time earlier in my career. I figured it must have been the impetuousness of youth, but I wonder if it was something else. A purpose that was big enough to dispel any doubts, and propel me to achieve my vision.