Episode #9: Mary Beth Martin – Vice President, Women’s and Children’s Services, Doernbecher Children’s Hospital

Mary Beth Martin

Mary Beth Martin is the Vice President of OHSU’s Doernbecher, one of the nation’s leading children’s hospitals. With hospitals undergoing huge changes in response to COVID, Martin is on the frontline helping her brave employees navigate the pandemic. In this episode, Martin talks about the administrative side of the healthcare industry, her employees adapting to new working conditions and her heartwarming adoption story.

Episode Notes

1:30 Changes in the healthcare industry

6:00 The silver lining of COVID

9:00 Emerging work-from-home opportunities

11:00 Mary Beth’s background in leadership

13:00 How Mary Beth adopted her daughters

14:00 Challenges as a leader

19:30 Embracing the personal coach dynamic

23:00 “Be in the moment at work, be in the moment at home”

24:30 Mary Beth’s April Fools story

29:30 Take more risks, make less excuses



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Produced by Kai Hellberg

Music by Isaac Chambers – ‘Change’