Season 3 – Episode 3: Phillip Crockford – CEO v-Teamwork and Team Leadership Expert

Phillip Crockford

Phillip Crockford is the CEO of V-Teamwork, a leadership company based in Brisbane, Australia. His passion for helping others combined with his boundless creativity has led Phillip into innovating a unique way of improving the performance of coaching leaders. Through the use of the popular game, Minecraft, Phillip provides leaders the opportunity to hone their leadership skills in a safe environment. Phillip virtually replicates the conditions of working together as a team, providing leaders and team members an accessible and simple platform for developing their own leadership skills of self-awareness, communication, self-reflection, interaction, and confidence.

In this episode, Phillip talks about how he uses Minecraft to develop and coach leaders through teamwork and strategy, helping leaders to increase their team skills and confidence. He touches upon how the Covid-19 Pandemic and working from home has impacted leadership and teamwork.

Episode Notes

3:00 – Leadership as dispositional learning

4:00 – Introducing Minecraft

6:30 – Explaining the use of disposition

8:00 – Using Minecraft as a simulation

13:30 – Learning from Minecraft

18:30 – Thoughts on working from home in the world of Covid

22:00 – Working from home, trouble-free or a struggle?

23:30 – Learning practice and performance

27:00 – What leaders learn from the program

30:00 – Learning by doing, building confidence

33:30 – Philip’s passion for sharing, connecting and understanding the human being

40:00 – Closing advice on how to lead and utilize vertical development



Phillip Crockford on LinkedIn

Working with v-Teamwork



Produced by Kai Hellberg & Emma Holmstrom

Music by Isaac Chambers – ‘Change’