Season 2 Episode 4: Ruby Zefo – Chief Privacy Officer, Uber

Ruby Zefo

In her mother’s own words, Ruby Zefo can’t go through a day without accomplishing something. With degrees from Berkeley and Stanford Law School, a stellar career at Intel and her current job as Chief Privacy Officer at Uber, it’s hard to argue with that statement. But perhaps her biggest challenge thus far is turning the seemingly unglamorous field of privacy law into something exciting. In this episode, Zefo discusses the role of privacy in providing great user experiences, and what it’s been like joining one of the most prominent tech companies in the world.

Episode Notes

2:00 – “What does privacy look like for Uber?”

6:00 – Creating Uber’s “Mask Verification Program”

8:00 – “Making privacy exciting”

14:00 – From Stanford Law to Privacy Law

19:00 – More Experience=More Responsibility

23:00 – Needing to have a purpose

25:30 – Ask people who know you about what you like/don’t

28:30 – Moving from Intel to Uber

30:00 – Uber’s progressive rebuilding process

32:00 – Zefo’s seamless transition

34:00 – “Get on the bus or get out of the way”

37:30 – Joy of contributing rather than receiving



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Produced by Kai Hellberg

Music by Isaac Chambers – ‘Change’