Season 3 Episode 1 – Nir Zavaro, Storyteller and Marketing Thought Leader

Nir Zavaro

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Describing Nir Zavaro as “self-made” might be accurate, but there’s a lot more to his story than just those words; for months, Zavaro couch-surfed in Tel Aviv – one of the world’s most expensive cities – all while writing his first book and freelancing as a marketer for restaurants. At the start of his career, he fell in love with snowboarding and landed a job at Burton; imagine a more seemingly insurmountable task than trying to sell snowboards in the middle of Israel. Nonetheless, Zavaro prevailed. Nowadays, he is the founder and CEO of Streetwise Consulting, helping companies such as Microsoft, Unilever and eToro tell stories and ensure that everyone knows their name.

In this episode, Zavaro talks about how Marketing is intertwined with all aspects of a business, his natural talent for storytelling and how he became Israel’s only Olympic Commentator for Luge, Skeleton and Bobsleigh.


3:00 – “Not sure if he has a bright future as a student, but the way he writes is unbelievable”

7:30 – Zavaro’s focus on storytelling

10:30 – Zavaro’s definition of leadership

13:20 – “If I could put it on my website, I’d write ‘We Sell Sh*t’”

18:00 – The difficult nature of letting employees go

20:30 – Shifting from a mentality of abundance to a mentality of scarcity

25:30 – Running a bar, writing a book

28:00 – Fixing restaurants

30:00 – Commentating everything from Formula 1 to Bobsleigh

34:00 – Maximizing something as simple as white paper and black ink

38:00 – Zavaro’s title as “Chief of Happiness”



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Produced by Kai Hellberg

Music by Isaac Chambers – ‘Change’