Season 3, Episode 5: Dave Stitt, Leadership Team Coach and Author

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Dave Stitt is recognized as one of the leading team coaches in the UK, where he works with some of the most important teams in the construction industry.  Dave began his career in the construction industry where he was given the opportunity to take a coaching training program and that sparked a twenty plus year career as an executive coach.  He is the author of four books, and his most recent is the newly released ‘Coach for Results’.  When he is not coaching, you’ll probably find Dave out on his bike or in the pool, training as one of the UK’s top masters triathletes.

In this episode: Dave talks about the most common challenges the teams he works with face and how he helps them increase their performance.  We also discuss delegation and Dave shares five keys from his book, ‘Deep and Deliberate Delegation’.  To round out our conversation, he explains how he does all this and finds the time to be a top triathlete.

Episode Notes

2:00     How Dave’s career led him into coaching.

6:30     Changing the culture from playing football to cricket, a recipe for large scale organizational change.

8:00     The most common issue Dave sees in teams within the construction industry and how he addresses it.

10:00    How Dave coaches the team to create an environment of success, where people do their best work.

14:30    Great teams don’t happen by luck

18:30    There are no high performance teams in the business world.

21:20   The 72% effectiveness gap.

23:00    The definition of a great team

25:30    Why leaders struggle with delegation

30:00    The five keys of deep and deliberate delegation

36:00    Dave’s new book, ‘Coach for Results’

37:00    How Dave finds the time to be a top triathlete as well as a top coach


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Episode Produced by Emma Holmstrom

Music by Isaac Chambers – ‘Change’