Success is a Moving Target

Success is a moving target

I have typically thought of my vision as a fixed point in the future.  It is something to focus on, a beacon in the night.  Its fixed position helps to set out plans and take the required action to get there.  I’ve talked a lot about the need to adjust plans and actions depending on the progress to achieve our goals.  In contrast, I’ve not viewed a vision in the same way.

My view of a vision is too simplistic

Lately, I’ve begun to realize my view is too simplistic.  It assumes the world is standing still, at least in terms of my desired future state.  We know of course that the world isn’t static or a fixed point in the future.  It is constantly changing and evolving.  I’ve written frequently about how the world is becoming more complex and the pace of change is increasing.  As a result, success is a moving target.

This dynamic state requires us to think differently about the future we want to create.  In reality, we are faced with a moving target.  What was relevant may become irrelevant.  I don’t believe we face wholesale change but it is prudent to assess the relevancy of our future destination from time to time.

I recently became certified in using Alan Weiss’s Sentient Strategy ® methodology.  It is a dynamic strategic planning model that is well suited to our fast changing world.  Alan uses a simple frame to assess our changing environment and our place in it.  The frame consists of a 2×2 grid, with awareness of our environment on one axis, and consciousness of our actions on the other.  This frame encourages us to consider how the environment around us is changing, and to understand the consequences of the actions we are taking in response.

Seeing the world through a new lens

The frame becomes a lens through which to assess how our desired future state is changing.  Does our vision still make sense?  How is our environment changing?  Are our actions uncovering something else that is more important?  Assessing these dimensions helps us grow our understanding of our reality and chart a path to a more meaningful, and relevant future.

When is the last time you reviewed and refreshed your vision?  If the answer isn’t clear then now is the time to take a look.  How is your environment changing and what do the results of your actions tell you about where you want to go?