The Return On My Attention


There is a new concept in online marketing called ‘return on attention’.  Knowing our attention span is shrinking, it measures the value generated from the attention captured.  This got me thinking of a different perspective on ‘return on attention’.  What is the return on my attention?

What is my return on attention?

The first way I look at this is where do I put my attention.  Over the past week, where was my attention focused?  It was mostly directed to serving my clients.  I also had some meetings with prospective clients.  This is good for short term income generation, am I putting enough attention on long term income?

Another way to look at my past week is in terms of return.  What return did I generate?  In other words, am I doing my best work?  This is the work my clients appreciate the most and who are willing to pay me well for it.  I had a good mixture and feel satisfied with it.

Was I present?

A third way of looking at my attention is asking the question, was I present?  By this I mean, did I bring my full attention to what I was working on?  My client meetings were good, but they didn’t leave me with much energy for other things.  I wasn’t as present as I would like for my family and I didn’t have the energy to do much work on my business.  My website redesign is still in my ‘to do’ list.  It’s been there for 3-4 months.  This tells me I need to rebalance and create more time for myself.

Let’s shift our attention to you?  Are you maximizing your ‘return on attention’?  Take a look at last week.  Where was your attention and was that the most satisfying and rewarding space for you?  What changes do you need to make?