The Confidence to Take a Leap

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I’ve started writing a book about how effective leaders translate vision into action that leads to results.  Now I’ve declared that, I’m not sure if I feel better or worse.  I have been thinking about writing a book for a while now and I’ve been very conflicted about whether to start or not.  Am I ready to take a leap?

Do I Have What It Takes?

At first it sounded like a massive task I wasn’t sure I could even do.  After talking to friends who’ve written books, I know it is possible but still far from a walk in the park.  I’ve written over a hundred weekly ‘Leadership Insights’ but these are not a book.  Do I have what it takes to be an author and will anybody even want to read my book?

All of these doubts prevented me from getting started.  How do you move forward and commit to start what seems like a massive undertaking?  Perhaps it is better to not start, at least that way I won’t fail or put all that effort into something that isn’t any good.  It is fascinating how almost all of my thoughts have been about not wanting to fail.  As I step back and reflect on this, failure is an assessment against some standard.  An assessment of good or bad.

It Comes Down To Why?

It leads me to the bigger question of why am I writing the book.  This seems like a much more relevant and important standard to judge the outcome against.  Two reasons come to mind.  Firstly, I know what I have to share is valuable for any leader.  I can’t connect with and coach every leader but a book is certainly more accessible.  I can help a lot of people.

Secondly, I’ve never written a book and it will be very satisfying to publish one.  I am not sure what is behind this but I do know I will learn a lot on the journey.  The same has been true of my podcast, ‘Leadership Is No Accident’.  I started out of curiosity, having no idea I would enjoy the process and results so much.  It has been a true revelation.

OK, enough reflection.  I am taking the leap and I’d better get back to my writing.  On to chapter three…

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Stephanie Schmidt

You can do it Andy!

Yes I will!

Go for it as live if like a book, we write our own daily chapter of our lives.

Thanks Kheng Huat, it will take a chapter of my life. 🙂

I’ll read it. I don’t even read books so much anymore but I’ll read yours. I bet a lot of people say that to you. But they are the people you “know” or who know you, but what got me about you taking this leap is the blog about being in a situation where other people’s decisions to grow and change (or not) impact me. What I’ve been doing has not worked now I’m living the consequences of having asked for change from the organization I’m in. And I feel like just highlighting the need for leadership style changes and improvements has cost me political capital with them. This isn’t Intel, people very sensitive. I want to know more. A book would help!
You can do it, of course it’s more like do you want to do that enough to actually do it.

Hi Laura, As I wrote about, people need to want to change because they think it is in their interest. Without a good understanding, there is a lot of defensiveness to change and admit they were wrong or could have done things better. I can see you are in a tricky situation. If they aren’t willing to change, are you willing to accept that?

Dream it
Declare it
Purpose it
And get started.
Keep moving forward.

Nothing will be wasted. It all counts.

I will buy it and read it.

Thanks Dave! Now it is about keeping moving forward and I have a great support group. 🙂

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