Four Questions To Help You Delegate The Right Things


Most people struggle figuring out what to delegate.  This is especially true for me where I don’t have a staff to help me get things done.  At the same time, I have options like everyone else, for example hiring a virtual assistant.  This isn’t a simple problem of finding someone to delegate to.  There are other barriers we put in our way.  Things we like to do but aren’t high value.  Things we don’t feel we can trust to others.  The list goes on.

Four questions

My friend and delegation expert Dave Stitt asked me four questions to help identify what I can and should delegate.

  • What am I incompetent at?
  • What am I competent at but don’t like doing?
  • What am I excellent at but have no passion?
  • What is it only I can do?

Good questions uncover new insight

Good questions help uncover new insights and Dave’s questions do exactly this.  Let’s start with the first one, what am I incompetent at?  This is a tough one for me.  I am a learner and it is very easy for me to overestimate my ability in my enthusiasm to learn.  A good example is branding.  I have invested a lot of time and effort developing my branding skills.  And yet, I will never be good at it.  Employing the Rosy Agency to create my brand narrative has resulted in an outcome I couldn’t have achieved on my own.

What am I competent at but don’t like doing?  There are a lot of things in this category and one that comes to mind is prospecting.  Getting out and meeting new people, especially at large events, isn’t something I enjoy.  I can do it pretty well but it drains me.  I’m not sure this is something I can delegate.  I could hire an agency to do my prospecting but it doesn’t feel right and I still have to engage with the new prospects.  The question has provoked me to think about it.  Maybe I will find a solution?

What am I excellent at but have no passion?  This is another tough one.  My natural tendency is to do.  There are plenty of mundane things I don’t have passion for.  The real test for me is what do I know how to do, recognize as important and yet not do it regularly.  My answer is planning.  I coach others how to plan and I am very good at it.  I don’t do such a good job for myself, and I simply don’t enjoy it.  This could be something I outsource to a part-time project manager.  Again, something I will have to think more about.

The last question is what is it only I can do?  The best thing that comes to mind is manage top customer relationships.  Coaching is a relationship business and I am very good at managing them.  I could have said coaching, but I know that isn’t true.  I rely on my partners like Mary and Larry to coach clients where they are the best fit.  By doing so they help me raise my game and give my clients the best possible experience.

The most important question?

There is one other question I am adding to the list, what will I stop doing?

I highly recommend you invest some time and ask yourself these questions.  There is plenty of time to do the things you should be doing.