Leadership Is No Accident – A New Podcast

Leadership Is No Accident

Oyster is founded on the core principle that leadership is no accident. Leadership is about declaring a future others commit to achieve. The leader’s role is to create a vision of the future and bring others along with them.

I am privileged at Oyster to work with leaders in a variety of industries and functions. They share their leadership stories with me. How they overcame major challenges, how it shaped the culture they’ve built with those around them and how it led to success.

Introducing our new podcast, ‘Leadership Is No Accident’

While I am lucky to get to hear these leader’s stories, there hasn’t been a platform for them to share them. That is until now with our new podcast, ‘Leadership Is No Accident’. It features interviews a variety of everyday leaders telling their leadership stories.

I’ve interviewed five leaders so far with more to follow before the end of season one. Each interview has been a joy to conduct and I’m starting to identify some surprising themes. Many successful businesses have emerged in times of crisis or were shaped by overcoming one. It seemed likely they would fail and yet the crisis became their defining moment.

Surprisingly common leadership characteristics

Every leader talked articulately about their leadership philosophy. This surprised me; I didn’t expect such clarity. I was expecting them to be exploring or speculating about what is behind their success. In contrast, each has learned important lessons from their experiences. They talk confidently about the facets of their culture.  One thing I am not surprised about is their success. It is no coincidence they are such thoughtful leaders. After all, leadership is no accident.

I hope you will join me in listening to their stories. The first two interviews are with

Jeremy Pelley, Co-Founder and Creative Director at Portland Based Creative Agency OMFG Co, and with

Kate Delhagen, founder of the Oregon Sports Angels and recently named one of the most influential women in Oregon.

I’ll post a new interview every week or two. You can subscribe to the podcast here and it will be featured on all the major podcast subscription platforms.

As always, I appreciate your feedback.